Error 27850. Unable to manage networking component. Operating system corruption may be preventing installation.

Posted: 17th August 2011 in Cisco, Network, VPN

I received the above error while trying to install Cisco’s VPN x64 client on my laptop.




After some investigation it turns out this error is caused by default value set by Windows 7 in the registry key


By default, this value is set to 8 and apparently can be set to a maximum value of 14. As some of the filters were used by Virtual Box, etc. I decided to set this to the maximum, rebooted and, hey presto, it installed!!

  1. dsf says:

    yes it works! thanks.
    and strange, another machine is 8 and can install, but this one can’t and have to change to 14 then works.
    maybe that one has no virtual box or else.

  2. dsf says:

    BTW, no reboot required with me.

  3. Renjith says:

    Voila.. Its working.. Man.. you are a hero 🙂

  4. mark says:

    did not solve my issue

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