SPMetal Error: Invalid File Name

Posted: 6th July 2011 in LINQ 2 Sharepoint, Sharepoint 2010

A fairly obvious one this, but I thought I would just blog it anyway. When trying to generate some data model classes using SPMetal I received the error “Invalid File Name”.

Invalid File Name SPMetal

I opened up the SharePoint logs and searched for the SPMetal from the bottom up.  First hit was:

Now terminating ULS (SPMETAL.EXE, onetnative.dll) .

Slightly above that was:

“Failed to retrieve the list schema for feature {69187EFB-2495-475A-BBFD-24A6B9B7A21B}, list template 10036;

After searching my solution for the list definition 10036. It was a list which was no longer in use. Browsing to the list gave the same error.


After deleting the list using SPD  I re-ran the SPMetal command successfully.

  1. Rishi Pande says:

    Thanks Gordon. This resolved the SPMetal issue for us.

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