Setting Default.aspx as home page in a SharePoint 2010 Site Definition

Posted: 28th April 2011 in Sharepoint 2010

My latest mission has been to create a site definition in SharePoint 2010 which activates the same feature a team site but sets default.aspx as the home page like it used to do in MOSS. However, in 2010, if you copy the team site definition, the home page is set to SitePages/Home.aspx 

After some mulling around the web I eventually found out that the culprit was the new Wiki Feature. If you remove this from the site definition the site will default to detault.aspx

I also found a couple of blogs, which I’ve referenced below, which contain some excellent references for navigation in ONET.XML

 SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 Tips & tricks 

Controlling navigation options from the onet.xml

Hope this helps someone Winking smile


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