Changing SharePoint 2010 Application Pool Account

Posted: 1st March 2011 in IIS, Sharepoint 2010

Quick one: Today I tried to change the service account for a SharePoint application pool, running under in IIS 7.5. However, when i tried to load the site it just give me an 500 error.


Turns out that this has to be done through Central Admin by firstly registering a new account and then assigning it to the service. To do this navigate to Security –> Configure Service Accounts and you are shown, the screen below, the credential management page.


From here, click on the Register new managed account hyperlink and you will be directed to the service account credentials screen to add a new account. Once you have done this return to the previous screen and you should now be able to select a service from the top dropdown and assign it to the newly added account in the “Select an account for this component” dropdown.

I don’t know why you can’t just change the account in IIS. My guess is, there must be something written in the Config DB into the background


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