Adding a InfoPath web enabled form to SharePoint

Posted: 27th January 2011 in Infopath, SharePoint

To be able to use and InfoPath form in SharePoint it first has to be browser compatible.  To do this select Tools –> Form options and ensure the “Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or InfoPath” checkbox is ticked.

Enable Browser Compatablity

Now, select file –> publish and from the publishing wizard, select “To a network location” and click next.

Infopath Publishing Wizard

Select the path, you wish to publish to a select next a couple of times, then publish.


Now, you have the form published you need to upload it into Central Admin and deploy it to the site collection.

Open, Central admin and go to Application Management –> Upload Form Template from the InfoPath Forms Services

Infopath Forms Services

Browse to the form and click upload. All being well the form should upload. Now, return to the previous screen and select Manage Form Templates, find the form you have just uploaded and from the context menu select activate to site collections.

Activate to Site Collection

Now, to get the form displaying we need to create a new page and add the Page Viewer Web Part.

Once added, modify the shared web part and add form path into the link property.

Page Viewer Webpart Properties

The path should be similar to /_layouts/formserver.aspx?XsnLocation=/FormServerTemplates/<NameOfForm>.xsn&OpenIn=Browser

Click okay and the form should display in the page.


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