File path too long to delete, move or copy

Posted: 11th June 2010 in NTFS
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When using Visual Studio namespaces as directory names in conjunction with Sub Version I came across the following error when i was trying to copy some files – this also happens when trying to delete or move.


This happens when the NTFS maximum path length of 255 characters is exceeded.  To resolve this problem you can map a network drive to the path you want to copy/move to, or delete by running the following dos command .

net use x: \\NameOfPc\share\FolderToCopyToOrDelete

NB. If you have admin access to the machine you can use the drive$ admin share.

  1. bob.marty says:

    I had the similiar problem and finally I found solution:

  2. GarryBrown says:

    Thanks for the information. Also try “Long Path Tool”. It helped me with Error 1320 on Win 7. πŸ™‚

  3. Patrick8 says:


    I suggest to try “Long Path Tool” program .

    before I have problem cannot copy file because file name too long. and after I found long

    path tool and now my problem solved

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